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Global E-Marketplace

World's First Blockchain & AI based
Agri E-Marketplace

Transform the way
you trade

Agri10x is a global E-Marketplace which connects farmers to its potential traders. 

We drive agricultural transactions through our digital platform in combination with our service partnership network. Agri Marketplace accommodates online payments between buyer and seller, product quality check options, and end-to-end logistic services.

Connecting Farmers to Global Traders





Agri10x E-marketplace Features

Blockchain & AI based platform

We provide a predictive & precision farming solution to make agriculture a better e-Marketplace to trade.

Transparent Trade

We enable transparency & monitoring in agriculture trade by directly connecting farmers with the end buyers.

Instant Money Settlement

Do instant payment with us: Launching smart card for farmers and stakeholders. Smartcard for easy payments powered by Blockchain

Global Availability & Accessbility

Agri10x brings the e-marketplace at your comfort, now trade with us anytime,anywhere.

Agricultural Produce Traceability

Agri10x platform advances product traceability which make it possible to trace commodity from it’s point of origin to market place and the entire supply chain.

A B2B Digital E-Marketplace where Agri Commodities trade is made Easy, Fast and Transparent!

Introducing a smart solution for
the modern-day farmer!

  •  Globally Acceptable Smart Cash Card .
  • Merchant Discounts
  • Peer to Peer Finance support to stakeholders
  • Seamless Integration of multiple fiat currencies
  • Easy Payments
  • Payment Solution Powered by Blockchain


How Agtech is transforming the agricultural roots?

Agriculture was the key development in the rise of human civilisation. The history of agriculture dates back thousands of years, at least 105,000 years ago. Over one third of the world’s population is engaged in agriculture.

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Recent News

Blockchain-powered startup Agri10x puts farmers first with a decentralized approach

In 2016, when Blockchain was just a buzzword, Pankajj Ghode, Co-founder and CEO of Agri10x, and his team solely focussed on amplifying the income of farmers in the country. Quoting Prime Minister’s Narendra Modi’s vision to “better empower farmers”, Pankajj says he saw a way to complement it using Blockchain.

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